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It's quite funny really.

2007-07-26 08:25:02 by Jizzlebang

You know, it seems like everyone has something to show for here in life. I just read a profile of a guy who had a bowling trophe. I'll admit that isn't the most honorable prize to be had, but it is something. I usually like to take a look at everyone around me when I'm waiting for the bus, or maybe just sitting in class, and try to imagine what they have to show for.

Then I stop.

Then I try to think of what I have to show. And I can think of nothing. I have friends, a good functional family. I'm white and privaledged. I'm in a band, but then again, everyone seems to have a band now a days.

So then I think so more. Maybe I ought to do something more with my life, maybe I ought to learn a new skill, or do something constructive. Maybe I should stop going to Newgrounds, since it consumes so much time.

The whole world is going around me and I don't know what to do.

Newgrounds, maybe it's your fault.. =(

It's quite funny really.


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2007-07-26 12:40:10

awww.. :D

Please understand that something to show for isn't always a material item, and it's not always inanimate. Think about it more I'd bet you have a lot to show for. :O


2008-01-06 08:29:20

You're right, you have nothing to show for.
My god! Why bother live at all?! You'd better go kill yourself right away!


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