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I got dreads

2009-09-04 17:32:11 by Jizzlebang

And became devilishly handsome

I got dreads

School pictures arrived!

2008-09-05 16:14:47 by Jizzlebang

That's right, school photos have arrived.

In other words, it's the start of a new academic year, and a new run at the game. It's fucking gay =D
On the bright side, I only have two more years of High School and then I can really taste what life is like.

This year will be a little different, since my brother who has always been there, has left for the army, but he'll be back next year. Meanwhile, I have to get a job, which will be a total delight since I'm trying to work the IB system.

So what's up, NG.

what's new with you?

Also, school photo.

School pictures arrived!

As a part of a "pact deal", me ex was to color her hair red and my friend shave it all. If they did that, I had to get a mohawk. Now naturally, I think "That's the dumbest shit ever. They're never gonna do that".

Needless to say; they did.

I have to admit, while I don't like looking like some faggot anarchist, the looks you get is worth it. Honestly, it really grows on you. Not because it's hair, but because you get used to it.

So does anybody wanna fight the establishment with me, or what?

Why stand on a silent platform? Fight the war, fuck the norm.

Am I pedo?

2008-03-21 20:56:05 by Jizzlebang

My gf is two years younger than me, am I a pedophile?
Should I be locked up? Am I a sick pervert as her brother thinks?

Judge me, Ng. Judge me.

Am I pedo?

This is my friend

2007-08-03 19:27:18 by Jizzlebang

He's christian.

He's also known as Herpes David

This is my friend

It's quite funny really.

2007-07-26 08:25:02 by Jizzlebang

You know, it seems like everyone has something to show for here in life. I just read a profile of a guy who had a bowling trophe. I'll admit that isn't the most honorable prize to be had, but it is something. I usually like to take a look at everyone around me when I'm waiting for the bus, or maybe just sitting in class, and try to imagine what they have to show for.

Then I stop.

Then I try to think of what I have to show. And I can think of nothing. I have friends, a good functional family. I'm white and privaledged. I'm in a band, but then again, everyone seems to have a band now a days.

So then I think so more. Maybe I ought to do something more with my life, maybe I ought to learn a new skill, or do something constructive. Maybe I should stop going to Newgrounds, since it consumes so much time.

The whole world is going around me and I don't know what to do.

Newgrounds, maybe it's your fault.. =(

It's quite funny really.